Monday, November 3, 2008

baby card & legoland

Can you believe its November...what the heck!!  Seriously November!  I need to get a move on fast with my Christmas cards, gifts, planning, trips etc... this is a busy time of year in my household.  Anyhow, so my husband's best friend (who also is in the Navy) had his first child a few days ago, so of course I need a card to send out.  This really only took a few minutes to make.  I plan on sending a gift card along too, so this image worked out nicely, considering I only have one baby stamp set.  Oh and that dp is old, super old, like 6 years old, but its still pretty.  I really need to use up all my paper, I have way too much of it.  
I sent out cards last week & OMGosh they charge you twice (surcharge) the price of a stamp if they can feel a bump, or if the card is heavy.  So this card is post office friendly with minimal layers, I will just put a piece of cardstock over the bow, so the post master can't feel it.

Open to love, Love nest & Rock a bye stamp sets from Flourishes 
So instead of going trick or treating, we took the kids to Lego Land.  It was the best day to go, the park was empty, which means no grumpy kids while waiting in line.  All through the park they had lego sculptures .  I wonder how long it takes to build them?  They sure are cool to look at.  We had a blast!


~amy~ said...

Sweet Baby Card Latisha...isn't the postage just crazy? I'm trying to figure out a ribbon-less holiday card...sigh.

Great Legoland pics!

Alexandra said...

Very cute baby card - love it!!! And, legoland looks like fun, what a great idea! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Chris said...

cute card...i think your PO is overly "feely". LOL

ronee said... that the kids went to legoland instead! great plan mom! as for the post office..OH i totally have had post office incidents. the card stock insert in the envie normally makes it so much easier. my christmas cards are going to take a small loan to mall out. but oh well!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

CUTE card! My post office would charge extra on that card, because of the bulk of the center of the bow. Seriously!

Lego Land looks like a lot of fun! I can't believe it's November either! Time is flying by!

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