I'm Back

This last week or so have been nuts, between the kids activities, Jesse's work schedule being crazy, & turning 31 I have felt the urge to drink an adult beverage, I have refrained. Then to top everythink off, I flew to CA, from New Orleans ( I live in florida 3 1/2 hours away) on Tuesday, went to dinner with family, dropped off xmas presents (all in Sacramento) went back to the hotel went to sleep aroun 11pm because I was jabbing it up with my inlaws. Got to the Sacramento airport around 6am, find a Starbucks get my latte and then found a seat. Check in was a breeze! So I finally get into New Orleans, my family meets me there and my husband surprises me by saying we should go to Emerils. It was pure heaven, I will need to have a full day to blog to describe the food that I ate all that comes to my mind is AMAZING!! So we stay the night (wed) get up and just tool around waiting for my dad to arrive. His flight wasn't delayed so I was so thankful for that!! On our drive home to Florida we stopped and ate at a Cracker Barrel which is always yummy my Dad thought it was great, but he also is from N. CA where there is no cracker barrell. I ended up buying more ornaments, but in my defense they were 50% off. I am now home, however I am getting up early to go to my son's school for thier holiday party. This is going to be a special Christmas because someone (my dad) has come to visit. When your married to the military to seem to move alot and never close to home, so I am very thankful this year to have him hear with us. I hope you all have a great weekend getting those must have last minute gifts.

Cookie Swap

So I am in this cookie swap and I have to make 11 dozen brownies...yes you read right 132 brownies. Well I went to all of the stores to get some containers to put them in, but they are not cheap. $4 dollars isn't much money, but when you times it by 11...thats $44, and most likely they will end up throwing the container away. I am extremely busy in my life right now, but I had some time to make these bags instead of buying containers. Inside of the bag will be a cellophane bag which the brownies will go into to keep them fresh. Have any of you been checking out Tim Holtz's blog lately? Well I have and he has inspired me to make a cute tag. Now this isn't the best tag I have ever made, but I do like it. And to be completely honest, I took some cold medicine and made this about 1/2 after I took it, I really should have stopped and went to bed, but I really wanted to finish it. When the brownies are cooling I am going to make recipe cards to go inside the bag as well. Once I get all of my swapped goodies. I think I will do the same thing but with lunch bags (the bags with handles are a little more expensive) to give to my children's teachers. I got the brown bags with handles at Target, 12 for $4.99, rafia also at Target 36 ft for like $1.19. The patterned paper was in my stash and the tag on top was originally white cardstock. The stamp images used on the bag are from my favorite...Papertrey Ink.
Materials used:
stazon black ink, Palette L'Amore Red ink, basic black ink, white craft ink, red stickles, Adirondack acrylic paint dabber in Red Pepper, Ranger holographic embossing powder, Inque Boutique stamps, Papertrey ink stamps, brown paper bag with handles, white cardstock, printed xmas paper, red rafia, hole punch

Going out of town

I am going out of town to be a chaparone for my daughter's school robotics team. They won 2nd in Octoboer in our region, so I guess its considered nationals for the competition this weekend. We leave on charter buses in the morning, and I will be back on Sunday. I have been trying to be crafty the last few days, so I have a few things to share when I get back. I hope everyone has a great weekend! Did I mention we are going to Auburn, Alabama? Well that's where we are going (I live in Florida, but born and raised in California), and its pretty "redneck" there from what I hear, so it should be very interesting to say the least. One positive thing is that I will get to eat some good food! Well I will talk to ya'll when I get back :)

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