Friday, December 7, 2007

Going out of town

I am going out of town to be a chaparone for my daughter's school robotics team. They won 2nd in Octoboer in our region, so I guess its considered nationals for the competition this weekend. We leave on charter buses in the morning, and I will be back on Sunday. I have been trying to be crafty the last few days, so I have a few things to share when I get back. I hope everyone has a great weekend! Did I mention we are going to Auburn, Alabama? Well that's where we are going (I live in Florida, but born and raised in California), and its pretty "redneck" there from what I hear, so it should be very interesting to say the least. One positive thing is that I will get to eat some good food! Well I will talk to ya'll when I get back :)

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sari said...

have a nice trip!!

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