todays travels

We are in Texas about 100 miles away from San Antonio.  Another long day, around 600 miles again.  I saw some weird things today, well weird to me.  While in Texas I saw a polygamist and his 5 wives, I stared for a second and wished I had a camera so I could share with you all, but I didn't but trust me it was a little freaky.  While in New Mexico in a Walmart an old man asked me if I knew where the liver sausage was?!?  Ewe...Seriously...liver sausage.  To each their own :)
On the plus side I got to have Sonic.  I'm not sure where we will end up today, I'm guessing around Houston or somewhere in Louisiana.
Have a great Saturday!!
Lydia Fiedler said...

What the heck IS liver sausage??? Wait - I don't want to know. Gross.

Where was the polygamist? I live in TX and have never seen one, but we have a guy who wears this white turban thing and has a beard down to his knees and always has a million women around him. Weird.

Unknown said...

I say GROSS to the Sausage travels.

Amy said...

Listen I was raised in SC--liver sausage is NOTHING compared to some of the cuisine there! Pickled pigs' feet anyone? How about some boiled peanuts? Chitlins? But Sonic DOES make up for a lot--I love the Reese's Blast!

Chris said...

you know you secretly wanted some...>"<

Alex said...

hey girl!! WOW! You are having quite the experiences, aren't you??!! Heehee - can't believe the sausage....ewwwww is right!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

ronee said...

polygamist..totally made me laugh. remind me to tell you a funny story about keri and her mormon ness!
be careful..hope to hear from you..
you can just text me..if you want case we aren't back to full swing! tyra can't wait to see kendall. if that's okay

Norine said...

liver susage yuck but like you said to each his own NOT LOL
have a great trip

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