Thursday, January 22, 2009

Notecard Set

Before I start my post about my little project, I'm going to take a second to vent :)  Hubby got into a little fender bender yesterday (he is okay), it was the lady's fault who hit him and ran him off the road.  Anyhow, I venting because I hate insurance companies, the lady who hit dh, her ins co. needs to make sure there was a car accident before we can drop our car off.  Really?  So you are calling the Police Officer who wrote the accident report (and who issued the lady a ticket) a liar.  So I have a dented scratched up car sitting outside... Okay I feel better now...needless to say the Ins. Co. wiped me out.  Thank goodness for my new goody's that came in the mail for me to play with!!
We are going to a Hail this weekend (hubby is getting hailed) which means a command welcomes their new incoming peeps.  Its going to be at the XO's that means I need to bring some gift of sorts for having us over.  So, I made this cute little personalized "thank you" note card set for the XO's wife.  I will probably get a bottle of wine or liquor to go with it.  
"Cute Note Card Set"
Here is a closer view of the front of the notecards, all products are from Papertreyink.
The notecards are basically a card front, measuring 4.25 inches by 5.5 inches
I stamped the left front of the envelopes using PTI's anniversary set from last year
Here is what it looks like, all packaged up.


Jen said...

This is one awesome gift! I love it! Can I place an order? Glad you were able to enjoy playing with your new goodies!

Amy said...

Wow, these are great!

~amy~ said...

FABulous gift and packaging! Sorry about the insurance blech...that stinks.

ronee said...

I am so calling you when ryan i need to go to my xo's house!
feeling better? sorry to hear about jess! Rob is in town so we have been your way a few times this week. Let us know when you guys are free..we can do dinner! We leave for Chicago in a week!

Tracey said...

Sorry to hear about the accident & frustration with the insurance company but I'm glad your hubby is okay!!

These notecards are fantastic - what a great gift idea!

Sara Paschal said...

Wonderful notecards what an awesome hostess gift. Glad you are enjoying the new goodies can't wait to place an order.

Glad your DH is okay, good luck with insurance.

Betty Wright aka gbedwright said... glad your dh is okay!!! Love the note card set. I sure the recipient will love these!!! Great work!!!!

BTW....I used buttons the other day...two of them on the same card!!!! I think I may use buttons tomorrow on my Flourishes card.....hmmmm. LOL!!!!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Glad your husband is OK. Strange that a ticket and a police-issued accident report aren't enough proof!

Cute cards. What a great gift!

Marlou said...

Latisha!!! this is outstanding!!! I love it :) hope your hubby is ok :) x

Deb Neerman said...

These are just amazing!! LOVE 'em!

Norine said...

what a great gift you did a awesome job

Michelle said...

I would love to get those as a hostess gift! Great job!!

Susan (rainy) said...

What a gorgeous set!! This makes such a perfect and elegant gift.

Susan (rainy) said...

Oh and I meant to say how sorry I am that your dh was involved in a fender bender. So glad he is unhurt. Hope everything works out okay with the ins. co... YAY FOR NEW TOYS!!

JOAN said...

Oh my God Latisha!! I love, love, love it!! Sorry to read about the accident. Hope everything can be solved soon.

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