Monday, August 20, 2007

Scrapbook in a box

I made this scrapbook in a box about a week and a half ago. I forgot about it until I saw it tonight. School starts tomorrow, so I wanted to share it because there is no way I will remember to in the next few days. Here it is when its closed and looks like a box....Then when you open it there are three layers of paper that you put pictures and whatever else you want, so that it looks like a scrapbook. I havn't added any pictures to mine yet, but so you get an idea of what it looks like, this is it opened up. This only works well if you use double sided paper. I used stampin up's au chocolate double sided designer paper.
Directions to make a scrapbook in a box
11 1/4 square of dbl sided paper
9 3/4 square of dbl sided paper
8 1/4 square of dbl sided paper
5 7/8 square of dble sided paper
Score the 11 1/4 square at 3 3/4 inches on all sides
score the 9 3/4 square at 3 1/4 inches on all sides
score the 8 1/4 square at 2 3/4 inches on all sides
score the 5 7/8 square at 1 inch on all sides
After scoring, cut off all of the corners on the 3 biggest pieces of paper, so that each one looks like a cross.
Apply sticky tape/double sided adhesive to the 9 3/4 and 8 1/4 crosses (in the center only), then stack them largest to smallest.
For the lid, cut four one inch slits, at the score line. Make sure all of the cuts are going in the same direction. Then apply sticky tape on the corners to form a lid.
On the picture of the opened scrapbook, you can see what the lid looks like.
These look really cute after you decorate them and add ribbon and other embelishments. I think they would make cute gifts. I went to the store and bought a bunch of double sided paper to make some more of these. I suggest using a thicker cardstock. I love stampin up paper, however the designer paper they sell isn't as thick as the normal cardstock. Bohemia and Basic Grey have thicker double sided cardstock that I think might work well.

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