Thursday, August 16, 2007

It's Hot!!

I havn't been crafty the last couple of days. I even missed most of the day of QVC's 24 craft and scrapbooking day. I've been helping Jacob's teacher (and my friend >"<) get her new room ready. Today I went and got an oil change for the suburban, went to lunch. Then picked up my neighbor Monica and her boys and headed to the Mall in Pensacola, spent too much money then went to dinner. I came home got the kids in the shower and into bed, then headed to Target and Walmart to pick up last minute school supplies. Jacob still needs a backpack by Monday, so that means I have to go back sometime this weekend. Oh and to top everything off, by Monday tropical storm Dean will be heading into the gulf of mexico as a Cat. 4 Hurricane!!!! I'm not panicking yet I want to have a nice weekend without thinking about evacuating. Did I mention its hot here? Well its freaking hot it has been around 115 degrees everyday for the last two weeks, and the humidity is through the roof its really gross. I thought I would post an older picture. This was taken almost 4 years ago at Walt Disney World...look Jacob is on my hip :( and Kendall isn't even to my he is going into the first grade and Kendall is going into 6th. How sad my babies are getting too big.

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charity said...

I think your website is adorable! You are very creative and I like looking at the things you come up with. Very cute ideas! Thanks for sending the site to me. Enjoy your weekend and stear clear from Hurricane Dean!!!!


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