Thursday, July 30, 2009

CHA & Latisha in pictures lol

Wow, what a whirlwind of a couple of days!  I am left leaving so grateful and humble to have met so many people I look up to in this industry.  A lot of them I have online friendships with, so to meet in person, hug, laugh and drool over things you love was so so so much fun!!  Since I don't have a project to show, below are some of my favorite pictures of the last few days with my favorite people!  So scroll down if you want to see lots of pictures of me lol.

First off, me and Kazan 
(one of the owners of 2sketches4you)
She is AMAZING and now a wonderful new friend, why does she have to live in Colorado?  Boo I'm going to miss her and her lovely accent!
Designer sanwich right there lol
me, Nancy Kirk (an owner of Flourishes) and Kimberly Crawford
we both design for Flourishes
Me & Kristi Ferro
Owner of Hanna Stamps
She is so nice and friendly...she is good people
What can I say I just {{love}} her!
We started chatting once she joined Flourishes, and she inspires me, pushes me and is always there to cheer me on, and is the biggest sweetheart.  We gave each other a huge hug when we saw each other, gotta love that!  If her name sounds familiar its because she is published all the time!
Brooke, myself and Angela
Angela owns Unity Stamp Co & Brooke is on their DT and works for Unity
They are seriously so beautiful in person an super nice too!!
This picture is a little blury, but its me and Debbie Olson
She was the first person to really push & support me to submit to publications.  I owe my first publication all to her really!!  She gave me a big hug when I saw her & I got to walk around CHA with her & Becca.  She really is that nice in person as she seems on her blog, there are not too many honest and genuine people like her

Lisa H. & myself
She is an artist for Unity Stamp Co.  I met her online when we were in the same SBS, its so fun to see her career just take off, & she is so so so nice!!!  Go check out her designs at Unity, she is beyond talented, she will make your cards sing with her stuff!!
Me, Donna Downey and Becca Feeken
Ok if you do not know who she is check out her blog here, she is a superstar, seriously
I met Becca back in February at a Copic class, and she is another designer for Flourishes.  From the very first time we met, we just connected and our conversations are always so easy (love that)  so on my first day I found her at the Spellbinders booth & then we decided to walk around the show together.  While strolling around we ran into Donna cool!!!  Donna is really nice and her husband took our picture and he took 2 just to make sure...don't you love that!
Myself and Heather Brown
OMG, have you ever seen her videos? So so so funny, not to mention she is uber talented!
She designs for My Little Shoebox and Unity
Are you ready for the next two?
Here is me and Julie Comstock (an owner of Cosmo Cricket)
Ok, here is the thing, I saw her on Tuesday and was too shy to say anything, then we were at a make and take at Tim Holtz booth at the same time & I still couldn't say anything.  So then yesterday as I was walking around CHA with Debbie O. I told her I was too shy to say "hi", and she told me not to be afraid and go talk to her lol.  So I did, and she is so super nice and she told me not to be shy lol.  When I introduced myself and said "hi, I'm Latisha", she said "Yoast, Latisha Yoast" OMG...ladies they really do read our comments on their blog and pay attention.  Her husband Eric is so tall, like 6ft 6inches, but he is also really kind, they are wonderful people and I'm so happy to of met them.  I can't say enough nice things about them, they are good people too!
Here is Lindsey, another partner/owner of Cosmo Cricket.  I think I could of hung out at their booth all day, he is really funny!  When Nancy was taking our picture, she told us we should put our heads together, Lindsey liked that idea, so we did lol.  
On Tuesday, Becca and I went to High Tea at Disney's Grand Floridian Garden Tea room.  I was staying at a Disney resort and really wanted to do tea here for a while, so when I told Becca I wanted to do that, she wanted to come along too.  Before I had my tea, scones, finger sanwiches or dessert, they brought us champagne and a strawberry, so fabulous!!  If you have made it this far, "CHEERS to you" for letting me share my experience.  There are many more wonderful people I got to meet, but this post is getting really long so I'm going to stop here
big hugs


Amy said...

It sounds like you're having so much fun! Thanks for sharing your experiences--it's almost like being there!

naomi chokr said...

how fun!!! love your comments. i know what you mean about those unity girls. they are soo pretty in pics im sure they look soo much better in person!!

~amy~ said...

wowza sista...what fabbie pics...holey moley you met a ton of peeps!!!! Thanks for sharing...

Handmade Creations by Stephanie said...

Thanks so much for sharing and great pictures!!

Melissa said...

Looks like a blast!

Don't you just love Julie and Lindsay? I met them at a crop they did last year and they were great!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Meeting Julie and Lindsay would have been a highlight for me! Fun stuff!

cheryln said...

sooooooooo fun!! thank you for sharing these...i can live a little vicariously through you.

Stacy aka Twinshappy on SCS said...

You are so cute Latisha! Your smile is contagious in each picture I just smiled along with you. hee hee Great pictures and sounds like you are having a blast meeting all these people! Thanks for sharing pictures! Hugs...

Sara Paschal said...


Ann said...

Wow, I wish I could be there with you!!! SO fun!!! :D

Chris said...

glad you had a great time!

Julie Koerber said...

Oh lady.. it looks like you had a blast. I AM SO JEALOUS! Seriously, we have to talk soon so you can fill me in! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds and looks Like CHA was a really greaT show! Wonderful photos and writing dexcribing the experience! Cheers to you too LaTisha! said...

Latisha, it was sooooo fun to walk the floor with you my friend!! What a blast to relive some of the fun...High Tea was amazing!
--Hugs Becca

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