Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Back Home from Disney

We made it home safe and sound :) We were only there for a few days, however it was worth it. The hotel we stayed at is called Disney's Dolphin Resort. There was no way to explore the hotel in a weekend but lets just say, that there is 5 pools, a spa, tons of stores, 17 restaraunts and they have Heavenly Beds in every room (which are very comfy and cozy).
For those of you who don't know, I called the morning we were leaving to get reservations at different places, and as I always do I asked if there were any seats available at Cinderella's castle, for breakfast, lunch or dinner. My daughter and I have been before but my son hasn't. Just a little background info, you need to call the reservation line 180 days out for the day you want to eat at Cinderella's castle thats how fast it books. To make a long story short they had 4 seats for breakfast!!! So you walk in, and they announce your name(I didn't hear ours but I think it was because we all were so excited) and then you get in line to have your picture taken with Cinderella. Then you walk up the stairs and you are greeted and my prince recieved a sword and a wishing star and my princess recieved a wand and a wishing star. We were seated with yummy fruit and all kinds of bakery goods, fresh croissants, muffins, cinnamon rolls etc... This is where it gets good, every single Disney Princess was there at breakfast and each of them came to our table to talk to the kids, sign autograph books and to take pictures. My son asked every Princess a detailed question, for those of you who know my son this is very funny. For example he said to Belle, "Belle, I am a very good reader and I love to read books. What is your favorite book to read?" It made breakfast very enjoyable. So as we were eating breakfast they brought us a very pretty folder and inside of it was a picture of Cinderella's castle on the left and a picture of Cinderella and the kids on the right (8x10) and an additional four 4x6 pictures, for Free! It was very memorable and a very delicious breakfast. If you ever get a chance take you kids :) This was our 8th trip to Disney World and we always have a meal with the characters, but this by far was the best one yet!
It was a great time and I would have to write a book on all the cool things that happened to us, but instead I will just post a few pictures.

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Chris said...

i'm glad your back!!! send me some pics!!!

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