Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Under the weather

Hey there bloggers :)
A few days ago, I received in the mail, a stamp set that I ordered from the Unity Stamp Co.
It isn't my best or most favorite card I have ever made, but hey I am a little under the weather, and I am all for full discloser.  I'm going to show the good, the bad and the ugly.  This isn't good, and it isn't terribly or ugly, it is just lacking oomph or something, and it just doesn't flow right.
This is a really cute set, so once I feel better, I need to do it justice lol.
The hubby is off doing what he does...
Unfortunately, you do not get sick days when you are a Mother.
So tomorrow, when I really want to be in bed, I will smile when I take my children to school.
I will smile when I pick them back up.
And, I will smile when I take my youngest to baseball.
Because, that is what Mom's do.
I hope you have a wonderful day!


clouds shadler said...

Latisha, I hope you feel better, being sick isn't always fun! Sending good vibes yer way :) I dunn have kids but I cud only imagine! BTW, i see nothing wrong with the card, it's lovely to me, the butterflies were a great call :)

Clouds :D

Kathy Martin said...

Darling card! That ought to cheer someone up! :)

AJ said...

it's cute! -maybe leave off the butterflies and pop up the pill containers...
I hear ya on the mom thing. I don't know if I smiled today when I had my headache though! ;) lol!

styathm said...

awww...i know it's not easy...same boat here today! but you're right...keep smiling! thanks for sharing this card today, i think it's cute!

Courtney Baker said...

Oh it's cute! I love that ribbon peeking out too!

Sharli said...

I Like It!! Don't change a thing.

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