Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thanks to You

Happy weekend folks.
Saturday started out pretty rough.  Anything and everything that could have gone wrong, did.
I started to write about the morning, but I will save you the read lol
If you have children, a husband or pets, you know what I'm talking about
However, the day ended on a happy note, so that is all that matters really
Moral of the story, its all about finishing strong.

Onto the card.  
A little bit of October Afternoon, Jenni Bowlin & Waltzingmouse stamps, and you have a recipe for a cute card.
With the end of the school year coming to a close, and baseball coming to an end soon too.  I have a lot of  thank you notes to hand out.  Just a quick note (or long one) thanking a coach, cub scout leader, librarian, math teacher, etc...for being a positive role model for one of my children, I feel is really important to do.  
So if you start seeing a lot of thank you cards, that is why :)
Have a great Sunday!!


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~kelly marie~ said...

Such a wonderful card! I love your colors!

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