Saturday, November 7, 2009

Warm winter wishes, swap cards

I'm in a PTI swap with some fun ladies, they are due this coming up Friday, so I finally got them finished up.  My daughter helped me with them, as I have lots of looming deadlines, not to mention my allergies are in full effect, it was nice to have her help.  I'm in a Christmas kind of mood.  Maybe because its November?  Holy moly its November lol, this year really has flown by!!  Well I hope you are enjoying your weekend.  We went to dinner as a family last night at a really good seafood restaurant, then today and tomorrow we are going to go see the Blue Angels (they are in town) and also we are going to see A Christmas Carol movie.  Monday is my son's 9th birthday, so this is a fun packed weekend!!
"warm winter wishes"


Jen said...

Very cute...I love that stocking set!

Amy said...

Wonderful cards! I have been studiously ignoring that stocking set for some time now, but you're making my resolve waver! Have fun this weekend; the Blue Angels are always great.

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