Wednesday, May 14, 2008


This is my second card {made 8 of them} for the swap I am in that Alex is doing. Its a fairly easy card to make. Just a lot of punching out to do. I am not sure what the technique is called but its where you make a punch in the front of the card and then on the bottom of the cardstock {inside of card} you put something there where the hole is. Does this make sense? I cannot think lately. Anyhow, I put the piece of dp that I punched out on the inside and then stamped "happy" punched it out using a circle punch and then layered it on using a dimensional so it puffs up above the card.
This is an all SU card. Can you tell I have a ton of Groovy Guava stuff lol... I was in a monochromatic mood. The dp is Afternoon Tea, I used Groovy Guava and Whisper White card stock and the ribbon is double stitched grosgrain ribbon, oh and the ink is Chocolate Chip.
The card wasn't laying flat but you can kind of see how it looks laying down, then I put another picture of the inside of the card, both are below.
Now that I am done with this swap its time to get working on my PTI swaps >"<
**This card is also for the sbs10 getting punchy challenge #5 >"<


Trudi said...

Lovely card, I love groovy guava. We've been doing a few of these sorts of cards lately, I love this technique. Take care, Trudi

Lastel said...

Very pretty card , great job !

Alexandra said...

totally cute, can't wait to have one of my very own - LOL!


wendy said...

What a great idea. I tend to stick to squares on the corner, however I love how you used a shape!

disa said...

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