MD Hobby & Craft Chicken Wire Frame tutorial

Back in January, I attended a Bloggers Networking meet up at the CHA-Winter in Anaheim.  Not only was I introduced to many new bloggers, but manufacturers as well.  One of them being M-D Hobby & Craft.  They manufacture some really cool DIY products.  Such as chicken wire, magnetic chalkboard, and all of the tools you would need like, metal working gloves, hobby shears among others.

I don't know if Prime Publishing picked what we received or if it was random, but each blogger was sent a box of product to use and blog about.  

Did you know you can purchase the MD Hobby & Craft products at Joanns Fabric & Craft Stores?  Well you can!!  How awesome is that! Click here to go to the Joann's website, to find your nearest Joann's store.

I decided to to make a chicken wire frame, to go above my makeup table, to store earnings and necklaces.

MD Hobby & Craft have gold metal sheets as well.  so I decided to die cut a butterfly using the metal sheet to create a fun embellishment on the clothes pin.

Creating the chicken wire frame was quite easy.

Materials Used:
pine frame
white paint
paint brush
staple gun

1.  Trim the chicken wire to fit the frame using the Hobby Shears.  The frame is 12x12 inches.

2.  Using a staple gun or nails, attach the chicken wire to the back of the frame.  The wire can be a little harsh on your fingers, so wear the metal working gloves.

3.  Lay the frame onto newspaper, to prepare to paint.

4.  Paint the frame and the chicken wire.

5.  Die cut a butterfly using the Brass sheet.

6.  Paint some clothespins and embelish using the diecut butterfly.

7.  Finish decorating the frame, hang on your wall, and you are done.

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