Sunday, April 17, 2011

What have I been up to? Personal talky post...

I took an unexpected blogging vacation, sorry about that.
A few hours after my post went live on Wednesday, I received a call from my friend Kelly.  Our husbands are both deployed together, and she was pregnant with her second child, and could deliver any day.  So, around 4:30 am, she calls to tell me "she thinks it's time to go to the hospital"  After 3 trips to the hospital, 3 attempts at an epidural, lots of pain, contractions and believe it or not, a lot of laughs...30 hours later little Zoe Marie was born via unplanned c-section.
Through technology and the stars aligned, our husbands were actually in port, and Kelly's husband was able to see baby Zoe seconds after she was born.  I have a Skype app on my iPhone, and the doctors let me  bring in my phone into the operating room, so that we could skype with him once the baby was born.
It really was an honor to be there for Kelly, and communicate to her husband, for her.  It was more special than I can even describe, to be there for such a dear friend.  Times like these, are when I can fully appreciate technology.  Can you imagine being 7500 miles away and being able to see your child being born live, from a cell phone?  Amazing!
I was able to stay with Zoe, while Kelly was still in the Operating Room.
Here is a picture of Zoe around 10 minutes old.  Isn't she beautiful?  She looks just like her older sister...Kelly and her husband know how to make pretty girls.

So that is what I was up to on Wednesday and Thursday.  Friday I went to my son's 3rd quarter awards ceremony at school.  He is such a little smarty pants, and loves to learn.  He makes me smile everyday with his 10 year old humor.  I really need to write all of his "Jacobisms" down because they are quite hilarious.
Here is my cutie pie, with his award.  He received the Patriotism award.  I had to do everything in me not to cry when they announced it.  I nor he, had any idea he was receiving this award.  To be nominated by his teachers and peers for this, makes my heart swell up with pride.

Yesterday, we went to the 1/2 way picnic.  A celebration with other woman/men from the squadron who's spouses are deployed together, to mark our half way point.  It was nice to get out of the house, talk with other amazing military spouses, who are just trying to make it through another day being super-woman.  Doing it all alone, with a smile on your face is harder than it looks sometimes.
At our next get together we are having a chili cook off, so that should be a lot of fun!
Here are a few pictures from the picnic.
Here is myself and my son.  For those of you wondering where my daughter is?  She is 15, and doesn't like her picture taken or blogged about lol.

The beginning of deployment was really rough.  This little boy was beyond heartbroken that his daddy was gone.  So many days, he came home crying.  So it is wonderful to see him happy and himself again.

I hope you all have a blessed Palm Sunday.


susan r. opel said...

Jacob - you ROCK!
Miss Susan
Kendall - you're beautiful, even though you are hiding. ;)

Laura said...

How incredibly special to be there with your friend!!!!!
And hopefully the halfway point means it's all downhill and a teensy bit easier every day, as homecoming approaches! Ihave SO much respect for military families!!! You are so special!

Tonya said...

I'm so glad that you got to experience that with your friend. I can only imagine how it must have meant the world to her to have you there with her and giving her all of that support. Thank you so much to you and your family, please know how much our family appreciates the four of you!

JOAN said...

Hi! I have missed you, but I'm glad you're doing well. Tell Jacob that I'm glad he got that great award, He will be a great man just as his daddy. I hope that the time left to be with your hubby passes so you can be together and enjoy life together. I can only imagine how difficult this time has been for you, know that you are in my prayers.

Hugs and kisses,

Margie H said...

OMGosh, what a cutie!! Yes, high tech is amazing :)

WTG, Jacob!! What a great & proud mama moment!

Teenagers - my oldest (16) is the same way! LOL! Gotta love 'em!

HUGS to you all - continued prayers of strength to get through all that you face. I hope that your hubby (& the rest of the squadron) comes home safe & sound SOON!!! xo

Julia said...

This made me cry. What a beautiful thing you were able to do to be there and to connect across the miles. I can't imagine the military life. You rock! Congrats Jacob!!!!

bethann said...

thank you for your sacrifice and your husband for his devotion to his country and heroism. i pray for all the military and their families each and every day. take of yourself and the kids.

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Stay Strong, you've been one busy gal. Thank You, your husband and your family for all the sacrifices you all are making.
My son is Career Army, back in the states now , nephew & family near Japan and he disappears per orders so she's alone with 2 little ones quite a bit. SO I pray a lot for all our military and their families.
I admire all of the spouses for keeping so close with each other. It is the BEST thing you can do to feel you are not alone in this.
Best Wishes and God Bless you All.

Robbie said...

Thank you for sharing your life with your Internet friends. I am proud of YOU and all those who so willing serve my country, preserve my rights and protect us and others in harm's way. I am patriotic and believe in America's "true" core. You and your husband and the many others that serve, at home and away, are greatly appreciated though we may never know one another. I'm very proud of your son...please tell him so! Your friend...Robbie

KaLee said...

I hope everything is going well with your friend and her new addition and your family as well. My husband is deployed until at least April 2012, we are expecting our 3rd in August and we miss my husband dearly. We are so grateful for technology, he doesn't seem as far away when we can skype!! :)

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