Friday, December 19, 2008

A little hello

Just a quick note to say "hi".  My hubby finally came home, lets just say he was away at "training"  for those of you who knew what he was doing, he lost 17 lbs and came back with some facial hair.  That freaked the kids out lol, it actually made Jacob cry since he has never seen his Dad with facial hair ever, and Kendall couldn't stop giggling at him (dad).  He got home last night and was gone before I ever got up, but I slept so well last night just knowing he was home.  Its amazing how hard it is to sleep when your husband is gone (especially when he is doing something dangerous), so a big shout out to all my fellow military spouses who do this more than we would like.  
I will have something posted later or tomorrow, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!


Jen said...

Glad he's home safe and sound!

Amy said...

Must be nice to have him home in time for the holidays! (And the move!)

Julie Koerber said...

Yeah! Glad he arrived home safe and sound! Now you'll have to fatten that boy back up! :-)

Chris said...

WB Jess!! >"<

ScrapMomOf2 said...

You should post a family photo!

Oh my, I feel so bad for your son being so shocked about his dad's appearance!!

Sounds like he needs to have some good stuff to eat!!

Welcome home to him!!

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