Friday, June 20, 2008

Chip Board Album

How many of you still have your Cosmo Cricket kit you bought on tv earlier this year, that you still have not done anything with?  I have used some of the pieces here and there, but the meat of the kit has been sitting patiently, waiting to be love.  So last night I decided I wanted to make an album for my husband to take with him the next time he deploys.  I am pretty sure it is going to happen in the next year.  I want most of the little things like this done, before we know, so I am not in freak out mode trying to get everything done.  With that said, go get your chip-board and lets make an album!

Here is what the album looks like naked >"< its screaming alter me, love me lol.
Since this is Cosmo Cricket chip-board, my entire album is going to be everything Cosmo Cricket paper that I have been hoarding.  So go get your Cosmo Cricket paper out, if you don't have any CC, use your favorite paper.  I used the red really sticky double-sided tape, this stuff holds.  If you don't have this, modge podge or even regular adhesive will work.
Get the tape and put it along the edges of the chip-board, once the tape is in place lay your paper over it.

I used a razor blade to trim off the paper, but scissors will work too.  This is what the chipboard now looks like with the paper on it.  Repeat these steps until all of the chipboard is covered in paper.  Your album in now ready for pictures and embellishments.

Here is a picture of Jacob, this was a special day because you could dress up as any profession and wear it to school.  Our neighbor was a Marine, and Jacob borrowed his uniform, and wore it to school.  I used some chip board to write 6 Yrs Old, and some stickers to decorate the page.
Like I said earlier I am mixing and matching different lines of Cosmo Cricket to suit my needs for this project.  Do what works for you, it shouldn't be forced.  I took inspiration from pictures.  This was a really happy day for us.  Kendall had just graduated from 5th grade and Jacob had just graduated from Kindergarten.  Kendall recieved so many awards that day, it really made me proud.  She even got a letter and pin from the President for her achievments.  We decided to take a drive to Orange Beach.  It was a beautiful May day and we just walked on the beach and enjoyed each other.  It was the perfect day.
Here is a picture of Jess and the kids on Easter of this year again at the beach.  We are beach people there is just something so relaxing about going to the beach.
I am not going to show the last page because I have written a personal note to my husband, and I want him to be the first person to see it.
Here is the final project.  I added ribbon in different ways.  If you have a Big-Bite you can punch a whole through the chip board and run your ribbon through it and knot it, for a fun effect.  This was really fun to make, so don't be scared get out your supplies and make something.  If you use your chipboard let me know so I can check it out.

Its way hot today, I hope everyone is staying cool!


Chris said...

it's gorgeous!! jess will love it!! you put porn on that last page, didn't you? i know you all too well...LMAO!!!

Sara Paschal said...

This is very nice you did a wonderful job.

Alexandra said... did I miss this yesterday - it's freakin' gorgeous, girl!!! I LOVE this, and he will love having it on fabulous!!! And, just what is on that last page...hmmmm.....he does NOT get his own room ya know, LOL!


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