Tuesday, April 22, 2008

funky chicken

So here is a card I actually made the other night, but couldn't post it. I'm mailing it to one of my best friends Chris. She is having surgery tomorrow, so I hope this bright card will make her smile. I wanted to watercolor an animal, but I don't have too many animal stamps, so this neglected uninked chicken worked perfect. I stamped the image in black stazon ink, colored her in with prisma watercolor pencils & used a blending medium and stump to blend the colors together. This stamp is actually really big, but after I punched it out with a marvy scalloped circle punch {the really big one} it made it easier to work with. I layered it onto real read cardstock, which makes the yellow really pop. The polka dot paper is actually from a 12x12 Christmas paper stack that I got at Hobby Lobby or Joanns. After I cut it to size, I got out my SU corner rounder and took off the plastic protector, and stamped along one edge of the polka dot paper & it creates a scalloped edge. I paper pierced around the edges and then took a thin red pen to connect the holes. The sentiment is from my anniversary set I recieved from Papertrey Ink, I love that font. I used real red grosgrain ribbon from SU & polka dotted ribbon from May Arts. I love ribbon on cards, its the girly girl in me.
Well I hope Chris likes this card. Her surgery is 8 hours long & she will be in the hospital for about a week. So coming home to snail mail, will be a nice treat. I am going to try to mail her a card everyday. Did I tell you all that the post office closest to me is in the mall! Not joking, and its bigger than the post office I had to go to in little Milton, FL. Its takes about 20 minutes, with parking and all just to get there. I am on the hunt for a better Post Office.
**story below is not card related**
Oh another quick story, the other day we were in bumper to bumper traffic on our way back from SeaWorld and 4 or 5 lanes all had to merge into one. There were signs for at least a few miles giving notice to the drivers. Well I merged over when I was supposed to, but you know how there are those cheaters who drive all the way up to the front and sneak there way in. Well this guy thought he was hot stuff. He had his fake and bake tan going on with his tips of his hair high lighted. Well I have a huge Suburban, you don't mess with me, and he kept inching into my lane. Mind you I was doing every other one rule but this guy was a big time cheater. Well he thought I was just going to let him in & he puts his hand out on his roof of his truck and flips me off in front of my kids. Oh I do not think so buddy. So I start honking and drive up next to him & I get just a few inches from his truck. So he rolls his window down, stops driving & wanted to have a discussion on why I will not let him in. So I say to him that "I don't have time to have a Dr. Phil moment in bumper to bumper traffic & discuss me "totally not lettting him in" and next time to merge when he is supposed to" The whole time my husband is just sitting in the passenger seat, looking at the guy like he is crazy. Only in CA would this happen. We laughed it off, but I still can't believe he wanted to talk about our feelings! Seriously people who does that lol.


Alexandra said...

Welcome to California!!! Drivers here are the rudest around, I tell ya!!

Your card is stinkin' cute, I am sure Chris will really appreciate it! I am going to make one for her today and pop it in the mail!


Celulite said...

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ScrapMomOf2 said...

This card is CUTE! I love it! Can you send me an email from my profile page and send me Chris' address? I visit her blog once in a while, and I would love to send her a card. I hope everything goes well for her.

Yep, that merging this can drive you mad! People are such RUDE drivers!

Those cardstock stickers on my layout came from Samm, and she's in the UK. That's why I love them so much, because I don't think I can get there here in the US! Thanks!!

Michelle said...

Unbelievable!!! Guys like that are ALL over the world - I met one of them just last week. Had to laugh at your story though! My DH would have been hiding under his seat if I'd done that tho, so you go girl! Stick to your guns. One day they MIGHT "get it" - only after counselling with Dr Phil of course, about the way he has been treated by a "rude, out of town driver who wouldn't let him merge one day in 2008"!
Gorgeous card. Give my hugs to Chris as well please.
Michelle SBS10

Marlou said...

Hi Latisha, what a wonderful card and such a cute, cute stamp!!! :)
as for the driver there are such rude people on the roads that dont deserve a driving licensce!!!
Hope you are well, sorry I haven't popped in :( hope you will forgive me :) xx

Flossie's Follies said...

What a great card, LOVE this chickie. that is a funny story about the "Dr Phil" moment for merging.

Mandy - Crafty Angel said...

what a gorgeous gorgeous card, love the colours you have used, and that stamp, wow!!! Great blog!

Chris said...

i love, love this card!!! the dorky bird is so damn cute...i got him in the mail yesterday!!! thanks so much for sending him to me...he's proudly sitting on the piano....xoxo

Rochelle W said...

This is the cutest card!!!

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