Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cute and quick circle card

Making circles are so fun to make, and pretty easy too.  Cut and score your card stock as you usually do.  If you don't have any die cuts to cut out your shape, go grab a bowl, a jar, a mug or a cup... really anything round that is the size you want.  When using dies, place the die just a tad over the score line, this will keep the fold and the card together.  If you are using a cup, just put the edge of the cup a little over the fold (trace the circ. of the cup with a pencil and then cut out with scissors).  After my card base is cut out, repeat the process with double sided pattern paper.  Cut a couple of strips of the cut out pattern paper, and adhere to the card.  The paper I used, is by October Afternoon, and lucky for me, I had coordinating stickers.  So I applied a sticker toward the bottom corner.  To add ribbon, punch two holes at the top, run your ribbon through it, and tie a knot (add a button for added cuteness).  For a little more dimension I put a couple buttons on the bottom strip of pattern paper.  This card really took less than 10 minutes, easy peasy ladies.  So if you feel like you need a change, make a shaped card over the holidays.  They are cute, fun and make you smile.

for info on where I got my product head on over to the Paper Maniac blog
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~amy~ said... cute!!

Ann said...


Cheryl Nelson said...

such a cute and fun card! love it!

MonaLisa said...

Oh , great card, and sooo simply and adorable. thanks for sharing this little tutorial!!!!

Anonymous said...
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Amy said...

Very pretty--need to try this!

Tiff said...

Oh my, this is so cute!!! I love the design!

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